Class Fee:

One class: $20

Three class pass: $45

Ten class pass: $120

Beach Yoga
7:00 am
every day

Park Yoga
9:30 am
Thursdays and Sundays

Sunset Yoga
5:30 pm
Tuesdays and Fridays

Drop-ins welcome!
Reservations are not required $20 per class. First Class free with Hawaii ID!
Bringing a towel is recommended.

Mondays Laying Down yoga!

lay down and be active while learning ‘Body Crossing.’ This is especially good for easing back pain, by getting you to connect with your ‘center.’

Tuesdays ‘Wet Ankle’ yoga and sun salutations!

Standing in shallow waves dramatically enhances your use of your core as you constantly engage your core to maintain balance.
The shifting of the feet as receding water pulls sand out from under your feet is like receiving a massage from nature while doing your practice.

Wednesdays Partner Yoga without straps.

It is not necessary to show up with a partner.

Thursdays Partner Yoga with straps.

Ten foot yoga straps between two people allows you to use your arms, which helps make standing and sitting poses more ‘whole body.’
The strap also allows dynamic tension in counter balances which feel great while helping you to balance yourself with another person.

Fridays ‘Wet Body’ yoga with more sitting poses.

This includes the option to allow little waves to provide you with ‘assists’ while in pose.

Saturdays focusing on subtle movement, deep relaxation.

Both standing and sitting poses, but, slower, and more ‘inner-movement’ focused.
sundays, focusing on stronger poses. This is a class to have fun with more challenging poses, but, the option to go easier with gentler poses is always provided.

Classes depend entirely on how many people show up and what space is available in the park.
All classes are okay for beginners and are interesting for more advanced people.
the variety includes:

Aerial Yoga; our feet stay on the ground, but we use straps hung over tree branches
Picnic Table yoga; the table provides support which adds pleasure to new poses.
coconut tree yoga, yes, we use straps around the tree to pull away from regular yoga on mats.
All of these classes are using variations on traditional Hatha yoga in simple ways. The hard part is to learn how to be simple! To use your body in precise ways which build the power of your breath, build the power of your center-peripheral connection, build the power of your ‘intention’ with movement. ‘Form’ is not important. The ‘pose’ is not important. How you ‘are’ is important. Come and expand your ‘Beingness’ with me in Kapiolani Park!