A place for fitness, awareness, and fun.

What is Chocolate-Pineapple Sports-Yoga? It is the duality of Ha + tha, which, in Sanskrit, means Sun and moon, in a playful spirit. It is also the instructor, Dennis’ personal blend of Hatha Yoga with Movement Fundamentals from Modern Dance training and PNF style sports stretching.

The result is a deliciously therapeutic series of ‘pose-motions’, detailed body instruction, and a nice balance between having fun and broadly expanding your physical potential.

The indoor classes also use circus ropes, climbing silk for inversions and strength training, rings, thera balls, and balancing tubes.

The Beach Yoga class is on the sand of waikiki beach in the shade of a Banyan tree. Expect to be very sandy, and to get wet during the last ten minutes. Mats are provided.

The Park Yoga class in Kapiolani Park is on the grass, under the expansive boughs of a large Banyan tree.
One of the reasons normal Hatha yoga poses are beneficial is because they make you use all of your body with each pose.

Did i just say “…all of your body?…” oh, pardon me. I meant to say, “…all of your body and awareness.” Detailed, sequential, expansion via isometric oppositional movement with inhales, and receding further into softness with each increasingly deep exhale.

Of course, each pose is different, so you get to use ‘all of your body’ in a balanced set of strengthening poses. Adding the movement fundamentals from dance conditioning, especially Labon’s ‘X’ing sets, etc., to Hatha yoga gives you a chance to take the precise yoga movements, and then drop, swing, gather and release into motions, both subtle and large.

Anybody can take any of the classes, but, check the schedule for beginner/intermediate days.

All levels are welcome. If you think you can’t do yoga, think of this: If you can breath and walk, you can begin to improve your overall health through condition appropriate exercise. If you are athletic, Dennis’s classes will take your practice to new levels!